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July 28, 2018

Wha's like us? The Future of Scottish Values

What do SNP MP Ian Blackford's recent comments on Scottish values, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon's speech on values at Glasgow Pride and a Roman Catholic priest being sacked by Glasgow Caledonian University tell us about the rising tide of secular authoritarianism in Scotland? With David Robertson.



BBC Radio 4  | Any Questions - Friday 13th July 2018

The SNP on Twitter  |  Nicola Sturgeon - Scotland's values are those of tolerance, diversity, respect and love

BBC  |  University chaplain removed after holding service to atone for Gay Pride event

The Spectator  |  Mary Wakefield - Why dismiss a Catholic priest for being Catholic?

Amazon  |  David Goodhart - The Road to Somewhere: The New Tribes Shaping British Politics

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