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Quantum 72 - The General Election One along with Greta’s Hope, Banana Art, and the Wexford Christmas Carol

December 14, 2019




Jo Swinson – Puberty blocker firms – could not define what a woman is – play the first bit of this….https://twitter.com/bbc5live/status/1203973870056660992?s=12

Greta Thunberg – https://twitter.com/gretathunberg/status/1204728167782588416?s=12

Banana Art – https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-50704136


Wexford Christmas Carol –


Keller  “If Jesus Christ was really raised from the dead – if he is really the Son of God and you believe in him – all these things that you long for most desperately will come true at last. We will escape time and death. We will know love without parting, we will even communicate with non-human beings (think angels0, and we will see evil defeated forever”.