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Quantum 64 - The one with Nobel, Trump and the Kurds; Poland; International Pronouns Day; Democrats Intolerance; China and Apple; Climate Hypocrites; Anna McGahan; Japan v. Scotland; and more…

October 18, 2019

2) President Trump and the Kurds.



3) Polish Elections - https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-50037654

4) International Pronouns Day




5) Democrats Intolerance -

Beto O’Rourke - https://twitter.com/LyleShelton/status/1182505860813086721?s=20

Elizabeth Warren – Just marry one woman - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ekEId2B84E

6) Chinese Control of Corporations – Hong Kong

7) Climate Change Hypocrites - https://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2019/10/lewis-hamilton-and-the-unbearable-climate-change-hypocrites/?sfns=mo

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2w2bCMhc9k -  


8) Anna McGahan -

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3S-tZI4t0BU&fbclid=IwAR0oANWwW4HDWRegtJeX7tXmKuugAtX1czckNhwFMzdoWsN7VyqpbKy5Ta0 Can you play the first minute of this?  

9) Christian Misuse of the Internet - https://theweeflea.com/2019/10/16/christians-please-stop-breaking-the-ninth-commandment-on-social-media/ 

10) Top 20 Books you have lied about - https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/books/news/best-books-most-read-uk-war-peace-lie-1984-a9145946.html

11) Japan v. Scotland – Can you play some of this – perhaps the ending when they have victory?   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ekEId2B84E

Quote of the week –Sadio Mané

"Why would I want ten Ferraris, twenty diamond watches, or two planes? What will these objects do for me and for the world? I was hungry, and I had to work in the field; I survived hard times, played football barefooted, I did not have an education and many other things, but today with what I win thanks to football, I can help my people. I built schools, a stadium, we provide clothes, shoes, food for people who are in extreme poverty. In addition, I give 70 euros per month to all people in a very poor region of Senegal which contributes to their family economy. I do not need to display luxury cars, luxury homes, trips and even planes. I prefer that my people receive a little of what life has given me".