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Quantum 27 - Consent; Salmond; Drugs; Hate Crime; Abortion; Christian Schools; Mary Queen of Scots

February 1, 2019



 Trolling Christian Schools -


Quote from Theodore Dalrymple – Our Culture What’s Left of It

"In the orgy of sentimentality into which much of the country sank after Diana's death, and which reminds me of the hot bath into which I gratefully sink after a hard day at the hospital, one thing has become evident: that the British under the influence of the media of mass communication, which demand that everyone wear his emotion or pseudo-emotion on his sleeve, have lost their only admirable qualities - stoicism, self-deprecation, and a sense of irony - and have gained only those worthy of contempt.  They have exchanged depth for shallowness, and have thought they got the better of the bargain.  They are like people who think that the answer to constipation is diarrhea."