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Quantum 25: Parliament and Brexit; Gillette and Toxic Masculinity; Cuomo and Abortion; Bishop Curry; John Finnis and Oxford students; LGBT Depression; Andy Murray

January 18, 2019
  • EU and Parliament 


2) Toxic Masculinity….



3) Abortion - Cuomo


4) Bishop Curry and Anglicanism



5) John Finnis



6) LGBT depression –

7) Andy Murray



Quote of the week – From an Uncivil Brexit.

"The system always wins – rebooting the system? The vision wasn’t flawed…its people that are flawed – the politicians – they did it crap they ruined it…there is a systems failure in this country and across the West…we are languishing..we are drifting without a vision or a purpose..what do you do when there is a systems failure? You reset…that’s all I did. What did they do? What did all of you do? You rebooted the same operating system. The same tired old politics of short termism and self serving small thinking bullshit. 

I’m as bad as the rest of them but that’s what the system does, the virus…it infects, but I was hoping, just praying that someone, anyone with the minimalist amount of (swearing) imagination or vision or aspiration could see that there was the opportunity for something to actually happen for someone to step in and do something to make a change…."