Quantum - The Wee Flea Podcast

Quantum 195 - Transgender Special Part 2 - The Results of Trans Ideology

April 22, 2022

Last weeks part 1 looked at how the Trans ideology has taken over our cultural elites and gatekeepers.  This week we look at the consequences when Trans ideology takes hold in the culture.  It is a new religion...we look at women in prison,  J K Rowling;  changing crime statistics; abuse in hospitals; Kathleen Stock;  enabling child abuse and grooming; teenage suicides; girl guides; Brisbane girls think they are cats; destruction of language;  pronouns and the Soho House; women in sport - Lia Thomas;  Robert Winston; Homosexuality; Lorna Slater and the Scottish Greens; The Australian Election;  Californian Discrimination; Father Ted; Julie Bindel; Sharron Davies; Jamie Wallis;   including music from Shania Twain, Faye,  Madonna, Helen Reddy, the Beach Boys and Olivia Lane.   All links on the wee flea blog...www.theweeflea.com   

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