Quantum - The Wee Flea Podcast

Quantum 193 - Control your Souls Desire for Freedom - Disney, China, Build my Life, Metallica in Moscow, North Macedonia and much more!

April 8, 2022

We have a lot this week!   Disney becomes a danger to children; Bonnie Synder; Pakistan elections; Orban returns in Hungary;  Israel under attack; Kiev Massacres; Dobson calls for Assassination; Myanmar churches burning; Shanghai Covid Crackdown; Covid Fraud in the UK;  Is Earth Warming? Save the Children; Etihad; Metallica in Moscow; Infanticide in California; Abortion in Oklahoma;  BLM buys Californian mansion; Gay Conversion double U-turn; Divorce in the UK;  Good news from Finland; the Foo Fighters; Twitter and Musk; North Macedonia and Italy; Buddy's 1,000 Goal; Dot Cotton; Gerald Coates; and the no.1 Worship Song! 

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