Quantum - The Wee Flea Podcast

Quantum 136 -Zombies - Bombing Syria, the Pope in Iraq, K-Pop, Rand and Levine, Throple Dads; Mad World; Zaha; Luis Palau; Dolly; Ferlinghetti; Salmond and Sturgeon

March 5, 2021

This week it seems like a Zombie world - in the words of the Cranberries great song - Biden bombs the Middle East, the Pope goes to Iraq, K-Pop and Climate change; Rachel Levine refuses to condemn genital mutilation, God's Will and Congress; Adoption and Throple dads;  Harry and Meghan; Penny Mordaunt and Transmen; The Turf War in Melbourne;  Zaha rejects BLM; Luis Palau nears death; Dolly Parton gets vaccinated; Lawrence Ferlinghetti dies; Salmond and Sturgeon; and the Cranberries


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