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Quantum 120 - Injecting Hope - I’m in Love with My Car - and other weird and wonderful world stories…

November 13, 2020

Quantum 120 looks at world news - including Covid in the UK, alcohol in the UAE,  the worlds longest serving Prime Minister dies; China crushes Hong Kong;  Brexit talks break down over fishing; Azerbaijan wins war over Nagorno-Krabakh; War in Ethiopia 

We also cover Woke Weirdness -  FA Chairman forced to resign over use of 'coloured'; people making fake marriages in Bejing in order to get cars; Throuples go mainstream. 

Church - Cardinal fooled two popes over sex abuse;  Hillsong Pastors adultery; Kenneth Copeland and the false prophets. 

US Election - Muslim voters for Trump; Bidens dangerous speech; and Corruption. 


Culture - Iceland football chant and commentator.. 


In Memoriam:

Ken Spears

Rabbi Sachs 

Nick Challis -

Gina Macarthur…

And we finish with a great song from Mark Knopfler - Cannibals...

Links to these stories are on theweeflea.com Podcast 120 



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