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Quantum 11 | The Wee Flea Podcast

October 13, 2018



|1|  Christians Against Poverty.

BBC - The Debt Saviours, Ronnie, Part 1


|2| Grievance studies.

Premier Christianity - How these 3 academics inspired a powerful Emperor’s Clothes moment for our culture


|3|  John Nicholson, SNP MP.

BBC iPlayer - The Andrew Marr Show 7/10/18 - about 12:30



 |4|  Children writing gay love letters.

You Tube - BBC video shows 6-year-old schoolkids being made to write 'gay' love letters


|5|  Church of Scotland - Rev Peter Nimmo.

You Tube - Proud Ness 2018: Reverend Peter Nimmo


|6|  Tim Keller & CrossPolitic.

The Wee Flea - CrossPolitic and Keller the Cultural Communist


|7|  Banksy Auction Stunt.

The Guardian - Banksy publishes video detailing auction stunt plan





"And while the life which we present before them is brighter than the sun, yet if any one will speak evil of us, let us not grieve at being defamed, but only if we be defamed with justice."

Chrysostom - Homily 15 on the Gospel of Matthew.