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#ScotRef, Belief-v-Evidence & the BBC Comedians | Q102

March 21, 2017

#ScotRef  #IndyRef2


Mensch on belief and evidence


Frankie Boyle and Celebrity Atheists

BBC on Facebook - "It's like getting no mayonnaise in your chicken Zinger and blaming it on Colonel Sanders."

Frankie Boyle on why he's putting celebrity atheists into #Room101.


Tracey Ullman and Baptism

BBC iPlayer -  Tracey Ullman's Show - series 2 - Episode 5

The baptism clip is about 16 minutes in.


European Court and Religious Clothing


 Thomas Aquinas


Other articles worthwhile reading

Following on from last week's piece on Russel Brand and pornography.
The impact of the Transgender issue on women's sport.