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Gigamansions, Jenni Murray and Russell Brand | Q101

March 11, 2017

David Robertson brings a Christian perspective to some of the recent messages that are being conveyed through the media.

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CNBC - Take a peek inside the most expensive home for sale in the US

The Telegraph - America's priciest mega-mansion on sale for $250 million, and you get the helicopter from Airwolf

The Spectator - What explains the idiocy of the liberal elite its their education.


Jenni Murray, the BBC and Feminism v Transgenderism

Sunday Times (paywall) - Jenni Murray: Be trans, be proud — but don’t call yourself a “real woman”

BBC - Radio 4's Jenni Murray criticised over trans women article


Sensitivity Readers

Slate - Is My Novel Offensive?


Christians being driven from public life

The Spectator - People of faith are being driven from public life.



Facebook reports the BBC to the UK Police for sharing sexualised images of children on Facebook with Facebook!

(Yes you read that correctly.)
BBC - Facebook failed to remove sexualised images of children


Russell Brand Talks Sex, Softcore & Hardcore Porn

Life Site News - Russell Brand just destroyed porn in one of the most jaw-droppingly awesome rants ever


Ben Carson

The Daily Wire - Outraged Celebrities Apologize After Finding Out Obama Said Almost Exactly What Ben Carson Did About Slaves--Oh Wait


Holland - 4% of all deaths in the Netherlands in 2015 were Euthanasia.

Dutch Health and Justice ministers are proposing legislation for assisted suicide for those who feel their ‘life is complete should be allowed to finish that life in a manner dignified for them.'